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Wholesale Availability Only. Please contact your local supplier for purchase and pricing.

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11 Oct 2021

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All our tiles are certified for use in outdoor, pool & wet areas and have been used in these places for over 50 years.

Sizing: The first number in our code is the tile size in mm. For sheet sizes and all installation details please talk to your local supplier 

CTL CERTIFIED - Pool & Wet Area

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Water, temperature and impact can really test the quality of your tiles. Do the job once only, use CTL Certified Product and never look back.

Only qualified providers of ceramic and porcelain tiles have access to the CTL CERTIFIED range. These 'specifiers' have been chosen as experts in their field and can provide you with the knowledge and advice that you need in order to guarantee your project a success now and for years to come. These local agents enjoy a great reputation in your area with top quality products. Ask them for CTL CERTIFIED tiles you can trust.

Ceramic Tiles Ltd

A family owned business spanning two generations for over 50 Years!

We pride ourselves on exceptional quality lines of porcelain mosaic tiles that have, and will continue to be, available for decades to come. 

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