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Stock update: 01 April 2021

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CERTIFIED for outdoor, pool & wet areas

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Small to Medium Mosaics - 25mm to 75mm

Great for looking good on curved surfaces. The advantage of small mosaics is they can easily adhere to the various curves and bends in modern architecture.

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Large 100mm Mosaics & 200mm Single Tiles

Great for Bathrooms and Wet Areas as well as fully CERTIFIED for pools both indoor and out.


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CTL CERTIFIED - Pool & Wet Area

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Water, temperature and impact can really test the quality of your tiles. Do the job once only, use CTL Certified Product and never look back.

Only qualified providers of ceramic and porcelain tiles have access to the CTL CERTIFIED range. These 'specifiers' have been chosen as experts in their field and can provide you with the knowledge and advice that you need in order to guarantee your project a success now and for years to come. These local agents enjoy a great reputation in your area with top quality products. Ask them for CTL CERTIFIED tiles you can trust.

About Ceramic Tiles Ltd

We wholesale specialist pool and wet-area tiles.

At Ceramic Tiles Ltd we pride ourselves on exceptional quality and consistent batch colour management of Porcelain Mosaic Tiles.


Please bear in mind colours can change slightly between batches especially over the decades of time that most of these products have been available. Photo's of our product here are the best we can do to capture the actual look however, they may look different on your screen than they do on ours. This site will give you a great first look at our range but your always best to make a final decision with a your local tile expert. All the best for you new project!

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